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I am now offering  online piano lessons via Zoom, and have resumed in-person piano lessons at my Black Mountain NC studio now that a vaccine has become available for the Covid-19 virus. For more information, please see the following pages.

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Eunice Wonderly Stackhouse D.M.A.   

Eunice Wonderly Stackhouse, D.M.A.

A Highly Qualified Professional Pianist




Has successfully prepared piano students to win competitions, scholarships, and admission to selective colleges and graduate schools.

“. . . devotion, dedication, love, and passion for each student

“. . . a very talented and patient teacher

“. . . amazing musical talentsable to make them come alive in others

“. . . she saw my potential and believed I could realize it

“. . . I have achieved more than I thought possible


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Eunice Stackhouse classical piano studio lessons


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Videos: Performance Examples for Students

I record videos of my performing pieces as an example for my students who are presently working on these. Click on the link above to watch these.

Black Mountain piano lessons Eunice Stackhouse